Presented by:

Georg Greve

from Kolab Systems AG

Georg Greve is the CEO and President of the Board at Kolab Systems AG, an owner-operated Swiss Open Source / Free Software business that develops and provides professional services for the Kolab Groupware Solution. Mr Greve is a long standing member of the Free Software community which he joined in the mid 90s, authored hundreds of articles and was the founding president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) which he chaired from 2001 through 2009. Involved in many of the cornerstones of Free Software and Open Standards policies of the past two decades, Mr Greve was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon by the Federal Republic of Germany for his accomplishments. Georg Greve is married, with two children and lives near Z├╝rich in Switzerland.

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The Kolab Groupware Solution is the most scalable groupware solution. It is also the one with the most beautiful web interface, integrating and providing the basis for the Roundcube web mailer, used in hundreds of thousands of installation. And it Open Standards to the core, all the way down to the storage protocol. Networked, secure and available as fully Free Software even in its Enterprise Edition, Kolab is the groupware for the free world. The workshop will provide an introduction into Kolab architecture, the exciting new features of the 3.1 release (now with iRony and Chwala!) its packaging and deployment for OpenSuSE and SLE. The workshop will also provide pointers how to get involved in Kolab or integrate your own software with it, which is made extremely easy by libkolab, which exposes its API to various programming languages.

2013 July 19 - 12:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference

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