Program for openSUSE Virtual Summit

Douglas DeMaio

Intro to the Virtual Summit

presented by Douglas DeMaio

I will give an overview of the tool being used for the summit and what you can expect during the summit.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

10:00 - 10:15 openSUSE openSUSE
Anak Agung Bagus Arya Wiradarma

IT Risk Management Based on ISO 31000 and OWASP Framework using OSINT (Case Study: Election Commission of X City)

presented by Anak Agung Bagus Arya Wiradarma

The rapid development of information and technology is leading to access and mobility escalation. One of them is the application of the website by Election Commission of X City institution as a media for deploying information to the public and managing voter data on their website address. As a website that stores sensitive data, risk management processes are needed to improve the level of websi...


10:30 - 10:45 FOSS Open Source
Estu Fardani

Introduction Podman for Beginner
A Daemonless Container Engine

presented by Estu Fardani

Podman is a daemonless container engine for developing, managing, and running OCI Containers on your Linux System. Containers can either be run as root or in rootless mode. Simply put: alias docker=podman.

In this talk, I will present how using daemonless container engine with less pain-full. To help daily use for build container images. And at last, It will use openSUSE Tumbleweed. Costume ...


11:15 - 11:30 FOSS Open Source
Kukuh Syafaat

Translating Open Source Apps

presented by Kukuh Syafaat


  • l10n vs i18n
  • Onlne vs Offline Translations
  • Problems on Translations

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

11:30 - 11:45 FOSS Open Source
Denis Kondratenko

Sway on openSUSE user status
Sway, Wayland and a lot of fun

presented by Denis Kondratenko

In this talk I would like to update ppl and gather some feedback on the state of Sway tiling Wayland compositor running as primarily desktop environment on openSUSE.

This is an user perspective on how to install and configure Sway on openSUSE, what works and what doesn't, how does it look like.




12:00 - 12:30 openSUSE openSUSE

CSS containers: making websites accessible to disabled users

presented by john_hudson

CSS containers allow the HTML content of a page to appear before the menu items on a screenreader while displaying normally on a monitor or smartphone so that disabled users do not have to hear the menu items before the content of the page. The talk will be illustrated by examples from websites developed in this way. The slides for this presentation are available on [my website](https://johnrhu...


12:30 - 13:00 openSUSE Open Source
Adrian Schröter

Jump! Current state and upcoming challenges

presented by Adrian Schröter

Basically, where we are with the new idea of developing openSUSE. What is next? Where do we have no idea how to solve it?

And hey, where are the advantages?

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

13:00 - 13:30 openSUSE openSUSE
Lubos Kocman

The Current and Future strategy for openSUSE Leap

presented by Lubos Kocman

This talk is supposed to be an overview of current and upcoming changes to openSUSE Leap 15.2 and 15.3. This talk is not supposed to be an implementation detail, but rather an overview of news and current plans.

An ideal audience is a person who contributes to openSUSE Leap or a person who might be concerned about the recent proposal to bring SLE and Leap together.

The time zone for this ...


13:30 - 14:15 openSUSE openSUSE
Marina Latini

Keep it up and running - AKA openSUSE maintenance
When enterprise and community share their efforts

presented by Marina Latini

Come and see the shared efforts between the openSUSE community and the Maintenance Coordination, Security and Quality Assurance department at SUSE for keeping openSUSE always up to date.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

14:30 - 15:00 openSUSE openSUSE
Pau Garcia Quiles

Uyuni: the solution to manage your Linux infrastructure
Configuration management, content management, patch management, compliance, building images & containers, virtualization... you name it!

presented by Pau Garcia Quiles

Uyuni is a software-defined infrastructure and configuration management solution. It bootstraps physical servers, creates VMs for virtualization and cloud, deploys and updates packages -even with content lifecycle management features-, builds container images, and tracks what runs on your Kubernetes clusters. All using Salt under the hood!

Uyuni provides you a high-class frontend solution to...


15:00 - 15:30 openSUSE openSUSE
Richard Brown

openSUSE MicroOS - the OS that does "just one job" decide which

presented by Richard Brown

As operating systems get used in more and more places, from VMs and Cloud to IoT and Edge and everything in between, there is a simple problem - no one wants to deal with maintaining all of this new stuff.

And yet, most distributions today are expected to be maintained the same way as they were a decade ago. Sure there are nicer tools to automate things, but that's still a lot of work that s...


15:30 - 16:15 openSUSE openSUSE
Patrick Fitzgerald

Linux in the Time of COVID19

presented by Patrick Fitzgerald

How i-Layer provided an open source solution to enable a secure clientless, zerotouch remote access solution for their customers. Using Kiwi and a minimum of blood, sweat and tears, we built a powerful remote access server with surprising abilities.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

16:15 - 16:45 FOSS Open Source
Neal Gompa

Flexible and Fast Software Delivery with the Open Build Service at Datto
How Datto modernized its build infrastructure and enabled continuous integration and delivery

presented by Neal Gompa

Delivering and deployment of software is hard. Continuously doing so while dealing with ever-changing requirements and scenarios in a secure and reproducible way? Even harder!

For most people, it becomes very difficult to do fully structured, reliable, and yet flexible build and deployment processes that can scale to dozens of Linux distribution releases and system configurations. However, D...


16:45 - 17:30 FOSS openSUSE
Thomas Hatch Thomas S Hatch

Limitless Potential: Using Modularity in Programming to Spur and Sustain Open Source Innovation

presented by Thomas Hatch, Thomas S Hatch

Open source projects, often hailed (accurately) as a catalyst for creativity and for technical innovation, often stagnate as they mature, unequipped and unable to solve new problems for a simple reason: as these projects scale, they require a corresponding scale of maintenance, a dynamic that forces often-brilliant developers to dedicate increasing portions of their time to managing the sprawl,...


17:30 - 18:00 FOSS Open Source
Douglas DeMaio

After Hours Social

presented by Douglas DeMaio

Join us for some after hour conversation. Have a beer, coffee or tea and just chat.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

18:00 - 20:00 openSUSE openSUSE
Unscheduled events
Patrick Fitzgerald

Integrating Kiwi into your application stack - our use case.

presented by Patrick Fitzgerald

Our business was somewhat dependent on Suse Studio's REST API to build customised VM images for part of our application solution.

With the shuttering of that service we were left with no clear way to build these images. With the 'Next Generation' releases of Kiwi - now rewritten in Python, however, we have been able to integrate it into the our customer on-boarding process - based on a Djang...


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