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Richard is from England but currently lives in F├╝rth in Germany, and is employed as Software Architect (Distributions) at SUSE. Involved in openSUSE/SUSE since 2003, Richard has contributed to various aspects of the project, including supporting users on IRC, testing/bug reporting, packaging, artwork, and governance, serving as the projects Chairman for 5 years. Most recently, Richard created openSUSE Aeon, which he proudly uses as his daily driver.

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As operating systems get used in more and more places, from VMs and Cloud to IoT and Edge and everything in between, there is a simple problem - no one wants to deal with maintaining all of this new stuff.

And yet, most distributions today are expected to be maintained the same way as they were a decade ago. Sure there are nicer tools to automate things, but that's still a lot of work that someone, be a sysadmin or a tool developer, has to take care of.

Given many of these newer use cases involve an operating system being deployed to do 'just one job', do we always need to deploy distros that could be a swiss-army knife capable of doing anything?

openSUSE MicroOS answers this with a clear 'no', providing a 'general purpose but single service' distribution.

Deploy it, set it up to do what you need, and then forget about it while it will patch, reboot, and repair itself.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

2020 May 1 - 15:30
45 min