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Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

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Delivering and deployment of software is hard. Continuously doing so while dealing with ever-changing requirements and scenarios in a secure and reproducible way? Even harder!

For most people, it becomes very difficult to do fully structured, reliable, and yet flexible build and deployment processes that can scale to dozens of Linux distribution releases and system configurations. However, Datto did it with OBS, and we will talk about how the OBS helps make that reasonably possible and how Datto uses it to ship its internal and customer software to support a wide variety of Linux platforms.

In this session, we'll learn about:

  • The Open Build Service and debbuild
  • Doing native packaging for RPM and Debian distributions with spec files with rpmbuild/debbuild and OBS
  • How Datto does Git-centric management of packaging and software delivery
  • Producing appliance images continuously as packages update for continuous integration and delivery

This talk is based on the Datto Engineering blog post on this topic.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

2020 May 1 - 16:45
45 min