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from Bradford Linux Users Group (BradLUG)

Began using an RM380Z C/PM 2.2 computer in 1980 for wordprocessing; developed skills through spreadsheets, databases and assembler language. Completed MSc(Information Management) in 1987. Began copyediting and developed computer skills around print media. Began using Caldera Linux in 2000; moved to SUSE and then openSUSE. Found LyX/LaTeX in 2000 and extended print and PDF media skills. After a talk at my local computer club (BradLUG), decided to learn HTML and CSS and now maintain and develop two static websites mainly aimed at publishing material on the Internet as well as contributing to others.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

CSS containers allow the HTML content of a page to appear before the menu items on a screenreader while displaying normally on a monitor or smartphone so that disabled users do not have to hear the menu items before the content of the page. The talk will be illustrated by examples from websites developed in this way. The slides for this presentation are available on my website.

The time zone for this talk is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

2020 May 1 - 12:30
30 min
Open Source