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Ron is an engineer at Google. He has been working with firmware and kernels, starting with the z80 and Unix v6, for many years. In 1999 he invented LinuxBIOS, now known as coreboot, running in every chromebook you see. In 2011, he created u-root (, which is the basis of much of his work of the last decade. In 2017 he started the LinuxBoot project (, which builds u-root and a Linux kernel into flash, replacing much of UEFI; this firmware model is now deployed at scale in Google data centers, as well as many others. His more recent work is the cpu command for Linux. He is President of the Plan 9 Foundation, and a member of the board of the lowrisc Foundation.

cpu is a new (but old!) way to access systems over a network. It is new to the Linux world, and old to the Plan 9 world. The Linux version of cpu is written in both Go and Rust. cpu operates much as ssh does, with a really big difference: once you have cpu'ed to the remote machine, you can still see files from your local machine. This also means the remote machine only needs one program: a cpu daemon, since everything else can come from your machine. This model makes for extremely lightweight, fast-booting, robust IoT systems. Most recently, we have shown how to marry cpu and docker, so that you can cpu to a remote machine, and find yourself in a docker container, even for a different architecture -- and without needing to run a dockerd on the remote machine.

Minimum requirements: please have docker installed on your laptop

Extra credit :-) : Please install golang 1.18.1 so you can build the software from source

This workshop is intended to get people up to speed on cpu, with hands-on experience, by showing how they can try it out in a vm, on an rpi, or other compact system. It is intended as a companion to Daniel Maslowskis' talk on cpu, also submitted. It is recommended to also attend Daniel's talk if you plan to be here.

2022 June 4 - 10:55
1 h
Seminarraum 2 (Lagerräume)
Embedded Systems and Edge Computing

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