Presented by:

Thorsten Kukuk

from SUSE

I'm a Distinguished Engineer at SUSE and with the company now for more than 25 years. Additional I'm Senior Architect and leading the Future Technology Team. Previously, I was the primary Project Manager for the SLES for over a decade. I have a long history in open source projects.

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We have several ways to install and update openSUSE distributions, standard with zypper, atomic with transactional-update or using disk images created with kiwi or similar tools. But this are all RPM based. In some scenarios, it would be good to have an image based installation and update mechanism (image means /usr, not a full disk image). A PoC is MicroOS TIU (, which allows to use either btrfs snapshots or several partitions (usrAB) for installation and update. This talk will give some insight into it. The current status, the problems, what it means for packaging, etc.

2022 June 4 - 11:00
40 min
New Technologies

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