Presented by:

Giovan Isa Musthofa

from Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia, NetSOS Ristek Fasilkom UI,

I’m Giovan, a humble servant in search of good companions. I am passionate about helping others on new things and the things I already excel with. I’m already familiar with git, Python, C#, Unity3D, Linux, and Docker. I’m now working on my skills and knowledge in FOSS, DevOps, Information Security, and CTF.

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Building Application Deployment Automation using Docker


This talk will discuss about the process and experience the speaker has over using docker to build application deployment automation. The application used by the speaker in this talk is CTFd, a kind of CTF (Capture The Flag) organizing tool.

Docker Container and Docker Engine API

The speaker will give short introduction over Docker Container and Docker Engine API. Explaining over developer's common interaction with Docker Engine API and how we will use it in this talk.

Preparing The Application

Explaining over the necessary preparation we need to configure our application to run on the docker platform and resources such as volume/network/etc.

Building Operator Service to Manage Application

Using Docker SDK, the speaker will show examples on how the operator service interact with Docker Engine API to manage our applications. Then, using reverse proxy/load balancer to manage access to our applications.

Main Take Away

  • Docker Container & Engine API
  • Managing Containerized Application Resources
  • Using Docker SDK to build automation tool

2019 October 5 - 15:30
45 min
Ruang 203a (2nd floor)

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