Presented by:

Ragil Setianjaya

from GNU/Linux Bogor

Member of GNU/Linux Bogor, openSUSE user and cloud technology enthusiast.

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Kubernetes is one of the technologies that is currently popular with various ways of deployment. At present, many companies have started to migrate to micro services technology and Kubernetes is one of the most choices for the implementation of micro services, specifically container clusters. so it is quite promising if you master the Kuberntes skill in the present because many companies need it.

That's a little discussion about Kubernetes, then as for the tools I use here for deployment there are 2, namely Terraform for providing infrastructure layers and using Ansible automation tools to create Kubernetes cluster.

Terraform is a contemporary technology that is categorized as "Infrastructure as a Code". This allows users to define and provide data infrastructure using a high-level configuration language known as the Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL), or optional JSON. One of the main advantages of terraform is that it can manage various clouds such as OpenStack, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and others.

Then there is Ansible which is used as an automation tool to create clusters. Ansible makes it easy for us to create clusters because everything is already in the playbook and we just have to execute the playbook without us accessing the one node, the process will run if there are no problems, the cluster will be successfully created.

With these automation tools, it will make it easier for users to make Kubernetes clusters and even fewer steps than deploy manually. And all that can be done on openSUSE!

2019 October 5 - 15:30
45 min
Ruang 202 (2nd floor)

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