Presented by:

Xabier Arbulu

from SUSE

My name is Xabier and I'm a software engineer from Spain, based in the sunny Canary islands. I have always been really passionate about Software. I always say that creating code is an art, and that's why we need to be proud of our creations! I joined SUSE the last year and I have found an really awesome community behind. The option that open source gives to collaborate with a bunch of incredible people encourages me to do my best and obviously enjoy my journey! I hope to keep contributing to this great environment many years!

HA (High availability) and clustering might be a quite unknown feature inside openSUSE (Pacemaker, Corosync, crmsh, resource agents, etc), but it provides really interesting and powerful options.

In order to explain how HA cluster works in a more visible and funnier way, I will expose a didactic demonstration with a cluster created with some Raspberries and Webcams. The main idea is to create a high available video security system with the tools provided in openSUSE (and some custom code, of course). In this use case, the cluster will host a Webcam service where if the current Webcam (or raspberry with the connected Webcam) fails the whole system is migrated to the seconde node, and the service continues working in the same address and without downtime. This will help to understand what is application or service level redundancy and some of the advantages of it.

In the talk, we will talk about:

  • How to install openSUSE in a Raspberry pi.
  • How to start a cluster (manually and using Salt).
  • How the cluster monitors the added resources.
  • How we can create our own custom resource agents.
  • What is STONITH (Shoot The Other Node In The Head) and how it works with an ISCSI service.
  • Execute a failover and see how the resources are migrated.

Definitely a really funny way to play with openSUSE!

2019 October 6 - 11:00
45 min
Ruang 203a (2nd floor)

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