Presented by:

Fuminobu Takeyama

from Japan openSUSE User Group

A package maintainer of the openSUSE M17N project since 2011. Developing packages related to input methods (e.g., IBus and Mozc) and Japanese fonts. As a member of Japan openSUSE User Group, organizing meetups, having seminars at OSS events, and publishing Geeko Magazine. openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee (2014-). openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo Committee Chair.

This is the same talk as openSUSE Conference 2019.

Japan openSUSE User Group publishes a technical magazine every half year. The title of the magazine is Geeko Magazine. It consists of technical articles on openSUSE and applications running on openSUSE. For example, the latest issue of the magazine contains articles like "Launching Kubernetes Cluster with Kubic in 10 minutes", "Accessing to Google Drive from openSUSE", and "How to enable HTTPS with Let's Encrypt." Since 2014, we have published 9 issues of Geeko Magazine.

In this talk, after explaining the culture of self-publishing in Japan, I will talk about the process from calling articles from the user group until distributing Geeko Magazine.

Another topic is our challenge: editing the magazine on openSUSE. Thereby, we cannot use popular desktop publishing (DTP) applications like Adobe InDesign. Instead of such applications, we have been using Scribus, an OSS DTP application to edit Geeko Magazine. It supports CMYK color and DTP data such as trim marks and bleed areas, required by print shops. However, in 2014, Scribus was not adequate for writing a Japanese document. This is because typesetting rules are much different from English etc. To publish Geeko Magazine, we went OSS way; we have improved Scribus one by one at every issue of the magazine in cooperation with the upstream community. I will talk about a brief summary of those problems we have resolved.

2019 October 6 - 11:00
45 min
Aula Suastika (4th floor)

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