Presented by:

Michael Chang

from SUSE

Software Engineer at SUSE.

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Open Build Service (OBS) is a great system for building and distributing binary packages from sources, but is by no means a Source Control Management (SCM) system which is good for managing changes developers make to the source code.

Traditionally the source is maintained as stable release tarball from upstream and local patches by the maintainer. The process is good as far as it goes, until someone else wants to review a particular patch's revision or to collaborate in source code level with people outside of the OBS world. These problems are addressed by integrating source code development platform like GitHub as alternate source than tarball to the OBS.

The presentation will cover these topics.

  1. The OBS source service that provides packaging source from supported SCM like git, svn and so on.
  2. The new GitHub project for grub2 based on the obs_scm scheme and also webhooks to automate service running.
  3. The workflow to contribute to grub2 package in OBS via the new GitHub integration.

2019 October 6 - 14:30
30 min
Ruang 202 (2nd floor)

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