Presented by:

Max Huang

from openSUSE Taiwan

id: sakana ( openSUSE Ambassador - Taiwan

*Create workshop with openSUSE -- hadoop and nagios *Promote openSUSE in the school. *Write openSUSE lab article in Linux Pilot magazine *Some picture in flickr *COSCUP / openSUSE 2012 Program Committee member

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Ansible is an IT automation tool. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates. In this workshop - We will introduce ansible and hands on some example with openSUSE. * What is ansible - configuration management tool * Online resource with ansible * Why do you use Ansible * What's difference with shell script? * What do I need to know before I use Ansible? * How to install ansible with openSUSE and other linux. * The role of Ansible. ---- Control Machine ---- Managed Node

  • Hands on - Hello ansible! Your first ansible command. ---- Use command line ---- Use Jupyterhub

  • What is inventory file?

  • What is ansible.cfg?

  • What is Ansible Module - what could them do it for you?

  • Hands on - use ansible module with openSUSE.

  • What is Playbook? ---- how could I use playbook with ansible.

  • Hands on - use ansible playbook with openSUSE

  • Reference

2018 August 11 - 13:00
2 h
Conference Room #304

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