Presented by:

Estu Fardani

from Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia

I am openSUSE user from Indonesia, currently working as DevOps in Indonesian Startup. Know openSUSE since 12.1 and start using openSUSE since 42.2 release. And for now, using Tumbleweed for daily activity.

I came in to Jogja, March 2009 for Bachelor Degree of Computer Engineering at UIN Sunan Kalijaga and became GNU/Linux user 6 month later since release of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

After 10.04 Release, I am only use GNU/Linux as my operating system on my study, although not many course use GNU/Linux on procces. Latter, I joined GNU/Linux Study Club on my campus, and start learn deeper on GNU/Linux.

Jogja is known as a center of education (City of Students) because almost 20% of its productive population is students. The city is colored by the various background of students that came from various regions in Indonesia. Jogja has private and public/state universities. Jogja have more than 16 universities which have computer related majors. Each campus have similar GNU/Linux Study club. And each month all GNU/Linux study club held regular meeting. Each meeting will talk about GNU/Linux technical or non technical related and held on different location.

From this background, education about GNU/Linux on University become common things. Students start using GNU/Linux base what their need for their study. Many campus often have GNU/Linux Repository, event ther GNU/Linux derivative distribution. Each campus have different fan of distribution too. I join this community until I graduated from my Campus at 2014.

This habit they keep up to the next office. Why? Because now, Jogja move from city of education to city of startup. Because more than 10 big startup create Developer Office on Jogja. And many new startup born everyday.

2018, GNU/Linux community in Jogja did not have bigger fans like ten years ago. But every startup still using GNU/Linux for their development and service what their made, even using all open source tools in development tools.

In this talk, I will present what keys point to make GNU/Linux became common things on Jogja. How it feasible to implement on other city or other country?

2018 August 11 - 14:45
30 min
Conference Room #201

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