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I am the Project Manger of SUSE Kernel Labs which responsible for x86_64 kernel development, which is related to CPU, video, audio, wifi, bluetooth, networking, and so on. I am also the Release and Project manager of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time. This product allows enterprise customers to increase the predictability and the reliability of time-sensitive, business-critical applications as a whole.

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openSUSE project, a community program sponsored by SUSE in order to promoting the use of Linux everywhere. This program aims to provides free, easy access to the world's most usable Linux distribution ( openSUSE ).

openSUSE has been a community-driven project that, despite sponsorship from SUSE, is relatively independent. About two years ago, openSUSE decided to move the base of openSUSE Leap to SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), which SLE is a tightly controlled enterprise ship that runs on mission critical systems. The fact is that moving to SLE source code would solve many problems for both SLE and openSUSE via creating a symbiotic relationship in which they can pull the content from each other.

At the end, openSUSE project restructured its distributions and created two distributions: Leap and Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed, the fully-tested rolling release, became upstream for SLE; whereas Leap is based on SLE and inching itself towards full compatibility with SLE.

2018 August 11 - 13:30
30 min
Conference Room #201

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  1. Ansible and openSUSE workshop
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    2018 August 11 13:00

    Conference Room #304