Presented by:

Yan Arief

from openSUSE Indonesia

I am an linux and FOSS enthusiast, I live in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. I started using openSUSE since 2006.

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I have implemented this project in the server room in my office. The system works to monitor the temperature inside the server room in order to prevent the temperature from exceeding the threshold. This system utilizes a Raspberry Pi - a single board PC, and openSUSE operating system, and a temperature sensor type dht11/22 and 2x16 LCD dislpay which are connected to the Raspberry Pi.

The presentation includes the explanation on how to install openSUSE on Raspberrry Pi, how to connect the temperature sensor and LCD on the GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi. The Phyton programming language is used to periodically log the temperatures and send the reports. The logs are saved as a flat file, and the reports are sent through Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application. Also, a warning will be sent through Telegram if the temperature exceeds the threshold.

2016 October 2 - 11:15
30 min
FST 103

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