Presented by:

Dendy Putra Delly

from GLiBogor

Member of GLiBogor

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WebVirtMgr is a libvirt-based Web interface for managing virtual machines. It is an alternative to virt-manager for the browser. KVM is currently the only hypervisor supported.

In this talk I'll tell the audiences about managing virtual machines with WebVirtMgr. Anything you can do with WebVirtMgr and how easy to use it for something you can depend on. Of course, it'll be running on openSUSE.

I'll begin this talk with presentation and then small demo about it. The demo will be videos or I'll do small live practice about some features of WebVirtMgr. I think this talk will fit for the beginners who want to know more about managing virtual machines.

In the end, I hope the audiences are know and understand how useful WebVirtMgr as a tools for managing the Virtual Machines.

2016 October 2 - 11:15
30 min
FST 102

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