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Joey Lee is a Linux engineer from SUSE Labs. His working areas are ACPI driver, Hibernate, UEFI.

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There are two openSUSE kernel repositories, and the development happens in the kernel-source repository. The openSUSE kernel-source repo has a different directory structure than the Linux mainline kernel.

In this session, I want to introduce: - openSUSE kernel git and kernel-source git. Introduce two openSUSE kernel repositories. Where are they and the difference.

  • How to use kernel-source git. The folders in kernek-source, config files... For openSUSE kernel patch development, how to use scripts in kernel-source. Introduce config files for openSUSE kernel.

  • How to contribute patch to openSUSE kernel. Produce a kernel patch that it includes openSUSE tags, then send your patch to openSUSE kernel mail address for contribution.

  • Build kernel RPM on OBS (optional items, depend on time) Simply introduce how to build kernel RPM on OBS

2016 October 2 - 11:15
30 min
Convention Hall

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