Presented by:

Kentaro Hatori

from Koedo Linux Users' Group

I am supervising Koedo Linux users' group since 2002, which is one of local user group in Japan. I am interest in LiveCD Linux distribution technologies and try to develop original one.

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As you know, one of Grub2 functions makes LiveCD iso image booting directly. You are able to make multi-boot UBS drive by this function and try to use several LiveCD Linux Distributions. Last openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015, I introduced how to make multi-boot USB drive by Grub2 function of booting LiveCD iso booting directly and successful booting cases of describing style on grub.cfg. But I could not introduce the successful booting case of openSUSE bootable iso image. Now, I found a success case of openSUSE bootable iso image. I introduce an inspection result of this case and successful factors. Additionally, hardware control of PC is currently changing from BIOS to EFI/UEFI, which is interface specification of operating system and firmware. You need a different approach from the conventional BIOS for booting on EFI/UEFI. I introduce how to create a EFI/UEFI multi-boot USB drive for LiveCD bootable iso images including openSUSE. If you have this milti-boot USB drive, it is easy for you to explain superiority of openSUSE while comparing with some Linux distributions. And you are able to carry different purpose LiveCD openSUSEs by SUSE Studio without PC.

2016 October 1 - 15:45
30 min
FST 102

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