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Yan Sun (English name is Sunny) joined SUSE on 2008, and she is site manager of SUSE Beijing engineering team and QE team lead. Sunny is actively involved in Open Source Community, she was one of founders of openSUSE.Asia Summit, and is a member of openSUSE Asia steering committee. Besides, Sunny is a member of SUSE WIT steering committee. She is passion on Open Source and “Women in Tech” promotion. Additionally, she passed Chinese therapist test on 2022, and is doing research about psychology in leadership.

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I have been worked for SUSE for nearly 8 years, when I went back my romance with Open Source, I would like to share stories how I got to learn and joined Open Source community, and also share some stories from other women by interview. In the presentation, we will talk about why we (other women and I) are attracted by Open Source, discuss what block women from embracing Open Source and how to attract more women in Open Source community, so that we can have further discussion about how to introduce Open Source to more women, and encourage more women to join and contribute to Open Source community. During interaction session, I would like to learn from Indonesia Open Source community how many percentage women join Open Source community and what they are working on.

2016 October 1 - 15:45
30 min
Convention Hall

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