Presented by:

Alexjan Carraturo

from Teoresi Group

My name is Alexjan Carraturo, and I am a student of the course's degree in computer science at the University of Milan. I graduated in Computer Science at the University of Perugia in September 2007. I am the administrator of "Free Software User Group Italia". I am a member of Italian Free Software Foundation Europe Chapter. Currently I'm working as a Software Integrator on GNU/Linux embedded systems.

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Italy is a country unfavorable to free software and the GNU/Linux systems. The FOSS community is both restricted in the number of person and divided. In many cases, moreover, is strongly related to Debian / Ubuntu. The political inertia, the technological backwardness, lack of interest of the school system make it very difficult to make the promotion of a GNU / Linux distribution and in particular of anything that is not Ubuntu. In these years have been tried various ways to get in touch with the professionals, with schools, with students and ordinary people. Like all experiments, there has been some success stories but also some failures, and the experience sometimes contradicts what logic would suggest. In this talk, we will try to share and discuss what are the possible ways to promote openSUSE, in potentially hostile environments.

2013 July 20 - 16:00
30 min
openSUSE Conference
Community & Project

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