Presented by:

Theo Chatzimichos

from SUSE Linux s.r.o.

Theo is an openSUSE contributor (mainly packaging and the Administration team (openSUSE Heroes)), and involved with various other open source projects and activities, both in promotion and coding part. He has been one of the main organizers of oSC12. He is currently living in Prague, CZ, where he is working at SUSE at the Operations and Services Team.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

There will be a keysigning event at oSC13. It will happen on $DAY at $TIME. It will be held at the $ROOM. There is no central key registry for this keysigning. Instead it will simply be a keyslip exchange. What to bring: Yourself Paper slips with your key id, fingerprint, name & emails. Something to identify yourself. Usually government-issued identification, such as a passport. Multiple pieces of identification are preferred. If you need to make new paper slips, this generator tool is suggested: At this time, there are 50+ attendees expected at the keysigning event, so you should bring at least that number of slips. Doubling that may be advisable if the event ends up being very large.

2013 July 21 - 18:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference