Presented by:

Hans de Raad

from OpenNovations

Independent consultant, open-source enthusiast (openSUSE, Drupal, etc). Also a big classical music lover (artistic manager of the Huygensfestival in Voorburg, supporter of several international chamber music festivals in/around The Hague, The Netherlands). One of my companies basic philosophies is, if open-source provides you with a stable revenue (thank you, 10x), you should do something in return. So my company donates 10% of its annual profit to one of the projects we've been using that year. This contribution can also be by providing help, i.e. in 2015 I was project lead and organizer for openSUSE conference in The Hague!

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Talk aimed at the current state of EU cookie/privacy laws and how to utilize open source software to comply with that. As a lot of things on the web, techniques that were once invented with a pretty clear scope (or seemingly so) usually dont take long to find multiple use cases. In case of cookies, the nicest form of this is persisting session states between HTTP requests, the nastier form is the mechanism with which a lot of sites knowingly hand over visitor-loggint to third parties (with really nice tools!).

In both US and EU legislation has passed to at least increase the visibility of cookie usage and raise awareness.

Nowadays, a law-abiding webcitizen with a website warns his/her users about this, but this is cumbersome and annoying, because, why would you want to bother your visitors with the fact that you are giving away there information, when cleaner alternatives exist?

Piwik is such a tool, if offers a very usefull opensource alternative to the well-known commercial analytics tools and integrates very well with the leading open-source CMS'es. This session will focus on some of the legal aspects on cookie usage, but mostly on how to integrate Piwik with your (Drupal) site and get the most out of it.

2013 July 19 - 15:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference

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