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Axel got in contact with Linux end of 1992, while it was still experimental (Kernel 0.9x). Complete migration to S.u.S.E. 5.3 end of the 90's, after is became obvious that the previously used OS/2 has no future. Focus was the use of OpenSource in business and on the Desktop: Next to his 'Linux on a ThinkPad' Website, lauched in 2001 (, SAP's Linux-plans were analyzed (R/3 auf Linux – Vollmundiges Marketing, halbherziger Support, Computerwoche 34/1999) and the experiences made in running the own company on Linux were reported on a Conference (OpenSource meets Business Conference January 2007). Axel is member of the openSUSE project board and maintains various packages, like hylafax+, the Tryton ERP System, GNU Health and the GNU Health Live CD.

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The development model for the classic release distribution of openSUSE - Leap - has changed several times. Currently it shares the binaries with SUSE SLE. This has advantages, but as well limitations. The talk explains how the development model has evolved and its current pitfalls. In the second part we will introduce the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP) and discuss the current state of development

2022 June 3 - 10:30
25 min

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