Hello, my name is Ivo Grimaldi. - list text here Cofounder of http://geekositalia.altervista.org.

  • list text here Member of the Pordenone Lug: PNLug.

  • Admin of Italian Telegram openSUSE support group "Geekos Italia (openSUSE Italia)"

  • For Geekos Daw i'm using all my multimedia / graphics knowhow

  • Admin of Italian Telegram group "Multimedia OpenSorce"

  • Founder of Italian Telegram group "OBS-Studio Italia"

  • Scoutmaster.

  • Musician: I play piano and make music with computer

  • Videomaker, I love make openSUSE italian videotutorial and sometimes I make support for conference video recording.

  • I like to promote free software, openSUSE and Geekos Daw, I often set up stands at fairs together with PNLug.

Ivo Grimaldi presents 2 Events: