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Humble community packager who contributes to the Geekos Daw user repository.

Ivo Grimaldi

from Geekos Italia & Geekos Daw

Hello, my name is Ivo Grimaldi. - list text here Cofounder of

  • list text here Member of the Pordenone Lug: PNLug.

  • Admin of Italian Telegram openSUSE support group "Geekos Italia (openSUSE Italia)"

  • For Geekos Daw i'm using all my multimedia / graphics knowhow

  • Admin of Italian Telegram group "Multimedia OpenSorce"

  • Founder of Italian Telegram group "OBS-Studio Italia"

  • Scoutmaster.

  • Musician: I play piano and make music with computer

  • Videomaker, I love make openSUSE italian videotutorial and sometimes I make support for conference video recording.

  • I like to promote free software, openSUSE and Geekos Daw, I often set up stands at fairs together with PNLug.

Founder of Geekos Italia and Geekos Daw Project

Konstantin Voinov


System Administrator
openSUSE User
Geekos DAW contributor

No video of the event yet, sorry!

GeekosDAW is a community project focusing on promoting and distributing FLOSS music-making software on openSUSE.

GeekosDAW starts as an offshot of the Geekos Italia openSUSE community with a clear vision: to bring a user-friendly, professional-level home studio experience to all GNU/Linux users. It does so via "patterns", a way to easily find and install packages suited for different musical needs.

After a brief overview of audio technologies (such as LV2), some music-making software will be shown: Ardour, Qtractor, Zyn-Fusion, tubeAmp and AVL Drumkits.

In the final remarks, users will be invited to join our community in a number of ways: by joining our Telegram channels, by contributing to our wiki or issue tracker or by submitting packages to OBS.

2020 October 16 - 17:15
15 min
Room 1

Happening at the same time:

  1. Marketing and social media in LibreOffice
  2. Start Time:
    2020 October 16 17:15

    Room 2