Presented by:

Simon Lees

from SUSE Linux

I am a Software Engineer based in Australia, I have been working on openSUSE for 6 years maintaining the Enlightenment desktop and several other packages, I have also been active in the community both on IRC and mailing lists, in more recent times I have also become a member of the package review team. I have spent the last year working at SUSE as a packager and outside of this have interests in topics such as desktop design as well as robotics and electronics.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Packaging is not an easy thing to learn, and learning it is much more suited to sitting down and messing around with some packages rather then watching a talk. However, as someone who has been packaging for many years now I believe there are alot of hints and tips I can give to someone starting out.

I will start with some basics on how packaging in openSUSE works, how to find the right version of a package to fork and where to submit your packages, then I will go over some basics with the obs web interface then touch on the command line interface.

I will then give an overview of rpm spec files covering the more important parts that regularly need to be changed, such as version updates and doing desktop files right, I will then move onto rpmlint and some of the common errors that it throws up, then I will look at some common build errors and how to fix them. Then i'll briefly cover the places you can go to find more info and documentation.

2019 October 5 - 13:45
45 min
Ruang 201 (2nd floor)

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