Presented by:

Kentaro Hatori

from Koedo Linux Users' Group

I am supervising Koedo Linux users' group since 2002, which is one of local user group in Japan. I am interest in LiveCD Linux distribution technologies and try to develop original one.

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In Japan, death from overwork is a big problem, and the Japanese government is promoting “reform of working styles”. In Japan, it is pointed out that the working style of the layer, which is said to be mainly white-collar, is not efficient. Of course, we also feel great.

Japanese companies and governments mainly create documents by the Microsoft office, but that is not efficient at all. It is not possible to create a document version control or collaboratively because of the inefficient sharing of documents. The way we work is serial, and the old-fashioned way of vertical integration is never revisited.

Of course, most companies use the newest Microsoft Office365, but because of security, we can not use functions such as OneDrive or SharePoint. The features of the newest Office365 are “Productivity Improvement”, “Joint Work Efficiency” and “Keeping Data Safe”. However, top executives and information systems management departments do not allow them to use it because they can not take responsibility if there is anything in terms of security.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Document are well known as office tools that can work together like this. Like these, there is the open source software LibreOffice online. The difference between LibreOffice online and the existing one is that LibreOffice can be built in a closed on-premises server environment within a company, but both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Document are limited to use in a cloud environment over the Internet.

LibreOffice online can be built on-premises environment with LibreOffice and owncloud / nextcloud. Owncloud / nextcloud is storage that can store and share data on the network, also called cloud storage.  These are equipped with the following functions: file management function, version management function, system monitor function, external storage function, client application, application cooperation function.

This LibreOffice online is built on openSUSE, and it is verified whether there are any problems, etc. in utilization in the enterprise. In "Koedo LUG (Linux Users’ Group)" sponsored by me, I use LibreOffice to create an activity report collection "Linux User". We will try to operate an environment that can be used jointly.

2019 October 5 - 14:30
30 min
Ruang 201 (2nd floor)

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