Presented by:

Anak Agung Bagus Arya Wiradarma

from Student in Information Technology, Udayana University

The use of software as main support to achieve the goals of an individual or organization is increasingly needed. High mobility of software development and the demand to have advanced level of flexibility and adaptability of a software is very important in the modern mobilization era. The application of DevOps concept is one of the ways to simplify and accelerate the development and operational processes of a software. DevOps involvement is now can widely found in many of capital organizations that use software as the main element in achieving their main goals. Even so, one of the points that need to be considered is the aspect of availability and flexibility. Availability must be owned by every organization to guarantee various facilities and user requests. The involvement of open source-based software can be a important part in the implementation of the DevOps concept, for example OpenSUSE and Docker. In this research, the application of the DevOps concept will be shown using a combination of the OpenSUSE operating system and the usage of Docker container technology which will result in application performance that is lighter, faster, and more reliable. The following URL is the full version of the paper :

2019 October 6 - 15:30
30 min
Ruang 201 (2nd floor)

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