Presented by:

Rahman Yusri Aftian

from BlankOn

I belong to those who step out of line education, hobbies take me to the field of IT, however I managed to bring BlankOn Linux Release 6-8, which is Code name Ombilin, Pattimura, Rote. This was my penchant for bringing me to fall into the field of IT, and struggling in their daily lives.

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Bali is an island which is in the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, the Balinese people who hold the majority of ancestral cultural customs, have Balinese script commonly called Hanacaraka ᬳᬦᬘᬭᬓ.

Akasara hanacaraka bali is often used both in the education which he teaches through local content subjects or commonly called regional languages ​​in junior high and high school, besides that this script is often found on the road markers and the temple nameplate (Bali Hindu temple).

It is certainly very interesting if openSUSE supports this Balinese script using an input method either using scim or ibus, that has an ISO 15924 code, in this Balinese Unicode it is called Balinese.

and very useful to introduce the use of Aksara Hanacaraka Bali or Balinese characters in opensuse at the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 at Udayana Bali Indonesia.

2019 October 5 - 15:30
45 min
Aula Suastika (4th floor)

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