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Have you builded LibreOffice on your system? Yes, it's easy to try and you will get it what you like by yourself easily.

Your system offers its configuration tool such as ”Zypper”, etc. It makes building softwares’ procedure clear by adjusting dependency between some distributions' differences, so you'll be able to get deliverables without suffering.

In this presentation, I'm going to report the procedure and differences in some distributions. (if you want, I'm going to introduce instructions to build it on other systems, such as Windows or Mac OS.)

Building LibreOffice may be a first step to join development activities, I think. Numbers of builders increasing will give us wonderful experiences of its new features, and it will be more trustable through many peoples’ experience and testing.

The improving actions with new software will stimulate the members’ motivation, and you will get skills to solve problems. Finally, you will be able to advise other members to success.

There are many merits to try to build it, I believe.

Shall we build it? and let us display new LibreOffice 6.0 Banner in your desktop.

2017 October 22 - 17:00
15 min
Room 1
LibreOffice mini Conference

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