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Writing is something that is often done in everyday life. Starting from office workers, students, parents, even small children often do that and has become commonplace. You are a regular use of computers in everyday life, you will write in the software available in the operating system. There are new migrations to the OpenSource operating system, or even long shifting ones still do not understand and confused how to write the neat and correct in the Open source operating system. This is due to less familiar or perhaps surprised by the new look. For that, I would like to share about writing tricks and making something automated on OpenSource's office writing tools ie LibreOffice Writer.

The topics I will bring are: 1. Create a template. Whatever style you want, you can make it. 2. Make Chapters Numbering automatically, with automatic numbering will simplify the preparation and writing. 3. Make Sub-Chapters Numbering automatically, is part of small chapters. 4. Create a table of contents, simplify the search for the readers.

and others.

2017 October 22 - 16:15
30 min
Room 1
LibreOffice mini Conference
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