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openSUSE user from Indonesia

OpenStack is a set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. Neutron one of the core components of OpenStack provides the Networking capability for OpenStack. It helps to ensure that each of the components of an OpenStack deployment can communicate with one another quickly and efficiently.

Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS), one of the services provided by Neutron enables us to configure a load balancer that runs outside our instances and directs traffic to our instances. A common use case is when we want to use multiple instances to serve web pages and meet performance or reliability goals.

In this talk, I will show the audiences how to install and configure Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) on openSUSE Leap. I will also share and give an example or demo to show you how easy it is to configuring Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) with Horizon Dashboard and then benchmark it with ab (apache http server benchmarking tool) for load test.

2017 October 22 - 15:45
30 min
Room 2

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