Presented by:

Dario Faggioli

from SUSE Labs

Dario is a Virtualization Software Engineer at SUSE. He's been active in the Open Source virtualization space for a few years. Initially, he worked only on Xen-Project, and he is still the maintainer of the Xen hypervisor scheduler.

Back during his Ph.D., he worked on real-time scheduling on Linux, and he's one of the original authors of what today is the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling class. These days, he works on Linux kernel, KVM, Libvirt, and QEMU. He mainly focuses on scheduling and on measuring and improving performance.

Since 2010, he has spoken at several events and conferences such as Linux Kernel Summit, Linux Plumbers, Xen-Project Developers Summit, FOSDEM, LinuxLab, OSPM and previous editions of Open Source Summit & KVM Forum. He has also given technical seminars about Computer Architecture at the University of Pisa, the University of Modena, and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

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Following a talk at oSC 2019 a small group of openSUSE community members started working on a desktop distribution that could be very easy to maintain, that not only updates itself but also repairs itself, with a base system that is always up to date with the latest upstream development and on top of which users will be able to install and use whatever apps they want.

This is the openSUSE MicroOS Desktop, available as part of the MicroOS installation ISO (for both Intel and ARM architectures), which is slowly but steadily proceeding toward being ready for prime time. In fact, some quite fundamental changes have recently been pushed, such as using PackageKit for system packages management, automatically configuring GNOME software for Flatpaks, some of which are even installed directly, upon the user's first login. Of course, the base system is kept small and lean and at the same time toolbox is becoming more and more powerful. Thanks to all this the GNOME flavor of MicroOS desktop has moved from ALPHA to BETA.

This session will demonstrate the current state of the project, by showing real use-cases and examples of MicroOS in action as the daily driver of a few users. We will of course focus on what has changed between ALPHA and BETA, such as better user experience with GNOME Software, RPM packages management with pkcon instead than with transactional-update and a new CLI interface for toolbox.

We will also discuss future plans and invite more contributors and users to join us in this journey toward the future of Linux desktop!

2021 June 18 - 09:00
1 h
New Technologies

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