Presented by:

Guillaume Gardet

from ARM

I’ve been using SUSE/openSUSE since 2005, firstly on my x86 home computer. I started to contribute to French translation of software, to the wiki and help for support on forums and mailing-list. When openSUSE started to work on ARM, I jumped in to help out and started to learn how OBS works and contributed to packages bootstrap and update. As I had/have couples of ARM boards/systems, I make them working with openSUSE. Now, I am working to get and keep ARM (aarch64) a 1st class citizen on openSUSE, which involves OBS works, but also openQA for in-depth testing!

No video of the event yet, sorry!

This talk will cover the past year for openSUSE on Arm, mainly focused on AArch64, but it will also cover armv7 and armv6. At the end, we will have a quick look at the future and where the community could help.

2021 June 18 - 09:30
30 min
Stage 1
Embedded Systems and Edge Computing

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  1. MicroOS Desktop
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    2021 June 18 09:00