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DevOps Engineer by day, Linux systems aficionado and developer by night! Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

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One of the more heavily underrated openSUSE projects is the KIWI image builder. In the last few years, Datto has started using KIWI to replace the patchwork of custom image build tools to provide a consistent toolchain for producing various appliance images.

This talk introduces the KIWI appliance image builder, outlines some of Datto's use-cases for KIWI, and how Datto uses KIWI to support those use-cases. This also includes a brief demo of building an image with KIWI.

2021 June 18 - 14:00
45 min
Stage 1
Cloud and Containers

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    2021 June 18 14:00