Presented by:

Cris Dywan

from SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH

Free software enthusiast, tea lover, fond of felines and addicted to sunlight. Works on openQA at SUSE. Prefers they/them.

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Dan Čermák

from SUSE

Dan joined SUSE to work on development tools as part of the developer engagement program, after working on embedded devices. He is an active open source contributor being involved in various upstream projects and a package maintainer in downstream Linux distributions, like openSUSE and Fedora. Beside testing and cryptography his passions include automating everything, documentation and software design.

Santiago Zarate

from SUSE

I've been working with Free and Open Source software for about 15 years, Developer, Sysadmin, Developer again, Technical QA, OS Gutter, QA Again and now backend Developer for OpenQA with a twist.

I'm a guy that writes Perl code and likes to have fun making software and hardware do fun stuff while eating Maria Cookies (They are awesome!).

I believe in E-Voting and Open Government!, operating system agnostic, with a passion for Quality Assurance, Mechanical Keyboards and Software Engineering.

Working as Quality Assurance Engineer at SUSE

Oliver Kurz

from SUSE

Since 2015-11 working at SUSE as a Senior QA Engineer. I am currently the Product Owner for the SUSE QE Tools Team. Our main product that we develop is openQA, a software for system level test automation, mainly used for Linux distribution system testing, for example for both SLE as well as openSUSE. Interested in software development, system development, GNU/Linux, open source, agile project management and structured testing.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

In this workshop we'll be looking to discuss questions around how openQA is used with openSUSE beyond, including aspects like

  • Is my favorite package tested with openQA?
  • What do test results mean and how do I check them?
  • How can I add an openQA test?

We'll also look at questions from participants. Wether you're totally new to openQA or already have some experience you can bring up your story.

Also, we'll have celebrity guests such as Santi, Oli and Dan joining us to answer some of your questions!

2021 June 18 - 14:00
1 h
Open Source

Happening at the same time:

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    2021 June 18 14:00

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