Presented by:

Simon Lees

from SUSE Linux

I am a Software Engineer based in Australia, I have been working on openSUSE for 6 years maintaining the Enlightenment desktop and several other packages, I have also been active in the community both on IRC and mailing lists, in more recent times I have also become a member of the package review team. I have spent the last year working at SUSE as a packager and outside of this have interests in topics such as desktop design as well as robotics and electronics.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

In a world of online meetings and conferences there are many things we can't do at the moment, at the same time however we are doing far more online.

So what can we do to make our experiences better whether its video conferencing, preparing talks, podcasting or recording youtube videos.

At the same time this conferences format being online provides me with the ideal environment to talk about this with easy access to gear etc.

From a technical perspective I will cover the following:

  • Using obs to create overlays during conference calls.
  • Configuring Jack
  • Using Calf audio plugins to improve your audio quality
    • Noise Gates
    • Compression
    • EQ
  • Using your computer as a guitar amp.

Could probably also be a 30 minute talk instead.

2021 June 18 - 08:00
45 min
Stage 1

Happening at the same time:

  1. Authentication with Kanidm
  2. Start Time:
    2021 June 18 08:00

    Stage 2