Presented by:

William Brown

from SUSE

William is a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE Labs, working on 389 Directory Server and other related identity technologies. He is the creator of Kanidm, the Webauthn-rs project, and an invited expert on the webauthn working group. When he is not working on IDM, he can be found on a vertical stick or flipping on mats.

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Authentication and Identity Management are at the core of our systems security. Everyday we all authenticate to many systems, from out phones and laptops, to websites, servers and much more.

Kanidm is a new opensource IDM system that is developing rapidly, and promises many new features previously only found in cloud and identity as a service platforms. This includes webauthn, claims, ssh management, and much more. In this talk we'll demonstrate many of the features of this platform, how it's begun to integrate with opensuse, how it was made possible, and what the future holds for this growing project.

2021 June 18 - 08:00
45 min
Stage 2
New Technologies

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