Presented by:

Patrick Fitzgerald

from Required Magic Limited

Patrick's original background was in the film industry, were he worked for 8 years as a Special Effects technician. But since he started programming at age 14, he's overlaid that with 30+ Years in technology, with at least 15+ years with working with Linux.

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Following on from the brief introduction at the LibreOffice Summit, I will re-introduce Firebird, the open source version of Interbase, the original embedded systems database.

Firebird is a high performance, small footprint database with a long (and interesting) history.

Firebird features Stored Procedures, Transactions, Encryption, multi user access, and is SQL-92 compliant, and can handle databases as large as 20 terabytes.

Because of its small size, efficiency multiplatorm nature, Firebird is ideally suited to IOT and edge device deployments, at any tier of system architecture.

I will go through the steps required to prepare new database for production and multi-user operations, using a simple Django deployment as an example.

2021 June 19 - 15:00
45 min
Stage 1
Embedded Systems and Edge Computing

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