Presented by:

Andres Tello Abrego

from IFScore

Linux user since 2004. Electronic engineer transformed by the financial industry in a compliance machine, creating solutions to meet regulatory requirements mainly based with FOSSS solutions. More than 15 years the experience in the financial sector. AML Anti Money Laundry and OpenBaking specialist.

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Openess have reached the banking. From opensource, to openhardware and now openbanking, but, does OpenBankig is OpenSource? The answer is not so much. The OpenBanking specification is open, but here are no OpenBanking Implementation.

Do we can make a OpenBaking implementation only with OpenSource? Definitivealy yes.

We will explain what OpenSource tools do we used to implement Openbaking and leverage it to the cloud.

We will talks about the user benefits of OpenBanking

Then we will make an overview of the OpenProtocols used at OpenBanking, as Oauth2.

Finally we will explain what tools do we selected to implement openbanking in an open and fashionable way.

Join us in this journey.

2021 June 19 - 15:00
30 min
Stage 2
New Technologies

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    2021 June 19 15:00

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