Presented by:

Iwan Setiawan

from EE Unsoed

Free Software supporter, EE lecturer at Unsoed, CSIE student at NTUST

This talk is about Kuliax Project, a (stalled) project that aims to bring Free Software/Open Source to higher education. It developed a GNU/Linux desktop distribution named Kuliax with version 6.0 in 2006, 7.0 in 2010, and no release since then. However, we still have desire to wake this project up and probably reboot it with new spirits and directions.

The talk would be a flashback of the project, how it was formed, how Kuliax was developed with its contributors, the challenges we faced, and how it contributed (even though small or tiny ones) to higher education especially in Indonesia.

Finally, we will try to summarize our journey in running the project and describe lessons learned, and discuss possible answers to the question "Is GNU/Linux distribution for higher education still relevant?"

2020 October 15 - 11:30
15 min
Room 2
Open Source

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