Presented by:

Estu Fardani

from Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia

I am openSUSE user from Indonesia, currently working as DevOps in Indonesian Startup. Know openSUSE since 12.1 and start using openSUSE since 42.2 release. And for now, using Tumbleweed for daily activity.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

I plan to talk how running bleeding edge kubernetes cluster.

Cluster will be installed using kubeadm, running on several vm using latest openSUSE Leap. And using Podman as container engine.

After that I will show this setup is ready to run as production grade with standard production risk. After this talk, I hope many attendee will get interest on Podman and openSUSE as basic OS at their VM.

2020 October 15 - 11:30
30 min
Room 1
Cloud and Containers

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