Presented by:

Florian Effenberger

from The Document Foundation

Florian has been a free and open source enthusiast for more than 16 years. He works for The Document Foundation, the nonprofit behind LibreOffice and previously volunteered in marketing and infrastructure. As a student, he designed educational computer systems for schools, including software deployment based on free software and was a frequent contributor to a variety of professional magazines worldwide on topics such as free software, open standards and legal matters. A proud uncle, he loves to spend time with the family and occasionally blogs about various topics, including community building, free and open source software and computer networks. Based around Munich, he helped to create the local open source meetings and shaped the tasty idea of open source cooking.

The Document Foundation (TDF) is the nonprofit legal entity behind the LibreOffice project and community. With a unique setup and key elements like transparency and openness, its objective is the promotion and development of office software available for use by anyone. Those contributing to the project, be it as pure volunteers or representatives of the ecosystem, can get strong rights in the board of trustees and help steer the direction.

This talk gives an overview of the specifics of TDF's incorporation, pros and cons of a nonprofit foundation, as well as lessons learned from the past decade.

2020 October 17 - 11:00
30 min
Room 2
Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice

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