Presented by:

Andres Tello Abrego

from IFScore

Linux user since 2004. Electronic engineer transformed by the financial industry in a compliance machine, creating solutions to meet regulatory requirements mainly based with FOSSS solutions. More than 15 years the experience in the financial sector. AML Anti Money Laundry and OpenBaking specialist.

Kurento is an open source Media Server, to create webrtc based applications, it has a small but really active community.

Kurento can be implemented in node.js + what ever front end you like with javascript, java or directly at the browser using the json rpc api of Kurento.

In this talk,we will learn some basics about webrtc, requirements and what are the main challenges using kurento, and how easy is to create a enterprise grade webRTC based video conference service.

Privacy and cost efficiency with open source is demonstrated one more time.

2020 October 17 - 11:00
30 min
Room 1
Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology

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    2020 October 17 11:00

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