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Has been dealing with the absolute disaster of a branding that openSUSE has had for years up to this point. Also dealing with some other issues with UI and UX of openSUSE installation. Basically according to him everything is broken and requires a fix.

Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

It has been a wild year in openSUSE Infrastructure, there has been a lot of new stuff replaced and updated, and with that done, we can finally start much bigger deployments. In this talk, the attendees will be briefed on the past and future plans of openSUSE Heroes, with regards to accounts system setup, mailing lists, communication platforms, forums and more

2020 October 15 - 19:00
30 min
Room 2

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    2020 October 15 19:00

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