Presented by:

Pau Garcia Quiles

from SUSE

Product Owner & Technical Project Manager of SUSE Manager. Benevolent dictator of Uyuni.

Uyuni is a software-defined infrastructure and configuration management solution. It bootstraps physical servers, creates VMs for virtualization and cloud, deploys and updates packages -even with content lifecycle management features-, builds container images, and tracks what runs on your Kubernetes clusters. All using Salt under the hood!

Uyuni provides you a high-class frontend solution to interact with Salt, manage your states, formulas with forms, and much more using a web UI. Or you could use our APIs.

All the major Linux distributions are supported: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE and we have reports of Oracle Linux and Fedora.

Uyuni is open source, backed by SUSE and actively developed.

This presentation will describe the challenges we faced when we wanted to make Uyuni translatable, and how to contribute a new translation. Hint: really easy now!

2020 October 15 - 19:00
30 min
Room 1
Localization, Documentation and Native Language Projects

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    2020 October 15 19:00

    Room 2