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Here's a summary of my TDF wiki profile:

  • I started in 2017 to document Python macros programming in TDF wiki as well as inside Local/online help.
  • I'm part of LibreOffice macro team which consists of:
    • Filling Basic programming help page gaps/omissions …
    • Translating Basic macros wiki examples while pairing them with Python counterpart examples …
    • Enriching Basic coverage and VBA QA test suites …
  • I intent to supplement Basic documentation with syntax diagrams
  • when time permits:
    • I triage and comment macros bugs,
    • I review/reply to macros-specific questions in Ask instance.
No video of the event yet, sorry!

I'm proposing to present « LibreOffice Basic/VBA hidden gems » which depicts:

  • Compiler Options
  • Enumerations, Type … End Type alternative
  • Object-Oriented Programming e.g. Doc. Monitoring w/ Access2Base trace console
  • Accessers / struct & objects
  • Collection object, VBA Err Object
  • ParamArray / Calc
  • Named arguments
  • Defensive coding w/ Properties
  • Raising user-defined errors
  • Error handling using Err VBA object
  • Basic extensions w/ x-scripting - Python, Calc @functions

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Alain Romedenne aka LibreOfficiant

2020 October 16 - 13:00
30 min
Room 2
Localization, Documentation and Native Language Projects

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