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I'm a training engineer and open-source enthusiast at SUSE in Prague.

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I am located in Prague Time zone: CEST


The Big-8 newsgroups are those that begin with comp., misc., news., rec., sci., soc., talk., and humanities. They have been the backbone of much of the Usenet since the 1980's.

These newsgroups are maintained by the Big-8 Management Board. In 2015, a new board was voted in. The term for a board member is 18 months. By late 2017 the entire board had either resigned or let their terms expire. Since then, no new news groups have been created, no abandoned newsgroups have been removed, and no other maintenance have been done.

This was surely a sign that Usenet is dying.

In late 2019, two openSUSE members came together on Reddit and began working with the former board members to put in a new board and to draw attention again to the benefits of Usenet. There is no reason for it to die. In fact, it should be protected as one of the most important living artifacts of Internet history. Not in a museum, but a living active organ of the internet.

This is our story to bring back the Big-8 Management Board and to breath new life into Usenet.

2020 October 16 - 10:00
30 min
Room 2

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