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I've started using Linux while studying in Clausthal-Zellerfeld in 1992 and specialied in localization. After graduation I worked for companies using SAP or providing SAP sevices managing the SAP technology stack. I spoke at multiple events: Linux Conference, GUUG Frühjahrsfachgespräche and self organized events at the LUG Kassel.

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We are using SALT to deploy SUSE Systems for production. The included modules work well for usual problems.

But what needs to be done if you want to integrate a software system (or part thereof) where there are no modules available? Calling out to shell commands won't work to well for complex tasks.

We've implemented - as part of a bigger automation effort - some SALT modules to configure our SAP HANA applications for better integration into the automation machinery.

I'll present our motivation for implementing execution and state modules, how you can start implementing and testing them.

In my experience the function signatures of the modules are the key to useful state modules, so I'll take a look at our modules and discuss the experiences gained in using them. Is the effort worth the gain? My answer is "yes".

Some basic programming skills and Python will be helpful for understanding, but not required.

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2023 May 27 - 09:30
45 min
New Technologies

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